Doncaster Book Awards Launch

We were very excited that on Wednesday 18th October we got to attend the Doncaster Book Awards Launch with special guests Chris Riddell and Paul Cookson. The DBA website can be found here.

The Doncaster Book Awards aim is to: “create positive and enjoyable activities and events based on books and reading, give children a voice about their reading tastes and book choices and thus create a reading community”.

The 2017-18 Doncaster Book List was announced, with categories for primary, secondary and classic. The classic section theme is fantasy theme which is one of Harry’s favourite and he has already read a number of the books on it. The children get to vote for a book in each category and the winners will be announced at the Doncaster Book Awards in March 2018. We were informed that the awards take place on World Book Day and that it would be bigger and better than ever!!!


The first half of the morning was hosted by the fantastic poet Paul Cookson, he was fantastic he really got the crowd participating in the poems. Needless to say the ones that Harry enjoyed the best were the ones which involved burping or trumping. One of the poems discussed a bouncy Mr Springer, who bounces when he walks… The Chorus Boing, Boing, da-boing Boing, Boing! has been going around in my head for days.


I think Harry thought he was one of the funniest people he has ever listened to, he was belly laughing at him. So nice to see someone so passionate and engaging!

In the afternoon we were treated to the illustrator and writer Chris Riddell.


What was amazing is that Paul Cookson performed a few of his poems that he had in the morning and whilst he was doing so, Chris illustrated them. He then went on to discuss one his newest books out “Goth Girl” and revealed he’d been asked to illustrate one of J.K Rowlings new books, the “Tales of Beedle the Bard

At the end of the launch everyone was invited to sit on a massive red sofa which had been provided by DFS to have their photos taken. There was also the opportunity to have books signed by Chris Ridell and Paul Cookson.



2 thoughts on “Doncaster Book Awards Launch

  1. Thank you so much for this! The Doncaster Book Award committee have seen it and are so utterly thrilled you would not believe! This… what you have said… means everything to us. I am the *currently* blue-haired Schools and Home Educators coordinator btw (!) and I cannot tell you how much your article has made us all so happy. It epitomises everything we try and do for our young people every year. We are so happy you and Harry enjoyed the launch, we love seeing you at our events… long may you keep coming!

    • Hi Lynne – Thank you for your lovely comments. We really enjoyed the launch. Harry is an avid reader and had already read a few on the book list. Since the launch he has already got through 3 more. I’ll get him to write some reviews shortly. He keeps mentioning Paul & Chris (especially mistaking Aslan for Alsatian) so they definitely made an impact on him as I am sure they did to lots of others there. Keep up the good work and Thank you!!!

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